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Elvis in Corpus Christi

Thank You, Thank You very much...We recently visited a local restaurant in northwest Corpus Christi that turned out to be a lot of fun. Why? Elvis was in the building!

No, really, it was an Elvis impersonator and it was Danny Lee in 'The Elvis Show.' Talk about tons of good fun for the family! Every 1st and 2nd Friday of the month, Danny Lee heads out to Rod n' Roll Treats & Eats in the CalAllen area of Corpus Christi and puts on a show for the local patrons. 

It does get a little loud in there as you can imagine. Afterall, The Elvis Show is not slow songs and soft melodies, but it is a little rock n' roll, swinging moves, a lot of favorites, and a ton of entertainment! Best of all, the kids loved it and are still talking about it today! Danny (a.k.a. Elvis) is really great interacting with the crowd, posing for pictures, and dancing around, even with the kids! For the most part, its a clean show and one worth going to with the kids. The entertainment is great, the food is good, and you'll have a blast. Here's a small look into 'The Elvis Show' by Danny Lee. It was taken with my cell phone as we weren't expecting to catch a great show, so please bear with the quality!



See what I mean? It's fun!

You can usually find Danny Lee performing his show (as mentioned above) at Rod n' Rolls Treats & Eats in CalAllen on the first and second friday of the month. Rod n' Rolls is located off of Hwy 624 (Northwest Blvd.) across the street from the CalAllen High School Football Stadium, and it's easy to get to off Hwy. 77. They have a great 'old time' pop shop feel to it and have memorabilia on their walls, like Elvis pictures, James Dean, 'The Rat Pack',  Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Popular T.V. Shows like 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', 'Lucille Ball', 'Three Stooges', and popular movie posters of the past like 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Scarface', and 'A Fist Full of Dollars,' plus many more fun things. It's decked out with old records and a black and white color theme on the walls and have great food. Some of our family favorites include the Angus Burger, the Turkey Burger, and the Tuna Fish Sandwiches. They are also well know for their ice cream treats and fresh fruit cups instead of fries (big plus in my book)! You can find out more information about them by calling Rod n Rolls at (361)387-7000 or by visiting their website.





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